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FROM SAINT-SIMÉON TO PORT-DANIEL INCLUSIVELY The respite-care service consists of pairing the volunteer with a family to offer a break to the parents by taking care of the child, (generally between 0 and 2 years old).

10 bénévoles recherchés


Ensure the safety of the child while meeting his basic needs as well as being able to listen to parenting situations.
Refer to the P’tit Bonheur worker if the volunteer notices a particular situation.

Compétences recherchées

The volunteer must know how to set up a safe, warm and stimulating environment for the child, be empathetic to parenting situations, respectful, have good listening skills, be in good health/physical capacity, be responsible, reliable and discreet.

Exigences (VAJ, Voiture, formation de base) :

Criminal record check

Avantage/ce que l’on offre :

An enjoyable and rewarding experience
- Mileage reimbursed according to the established scale
- Training offered
- Seasonal newletter
- Recognition activities
- Become a member of the Centre d’action bénévole Saint-Siméon/Port-Daniel offer the opportunity of participating in the organization’s decision-making process

Horaire du poste bénévole :

Respite is offered at a frequency of 3 hours per week (accordingthe schedule set by both the volunteer and the family) at the family’s home, or during social activities, for usually 10 to 12 weeks.

Langue d’usage pour ce poste bénévole :

English (or french)

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