Volunteer at the world’s largest youth dominated event in Montreal in September

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Montréal, Montré

One Young World is a UK-based charity that gathers together the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change. We stage an annual Summit where the most valuable young talent from global and national companies, NGOs, universities and other forward-thinking organisations are joined by world leaders, acting as the One Young World Counsellors. At the Summit, delegates debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the pressing issues the world faces. The One Young World Summit 2024 will take place in Montréal, Canada from 18-21 September. Over 2,000 young leaders from 190+ countries will be attending the Summit digitally and in person, and we are looking for volunteers to represent Montréal as the host city by supporting these valuable individuals and showing them Montreal’s best hospitality. Some of these young leaders will have never left their home country before, and for others, this will be their first visit or experience of Canada. Apart from the Olympic Games, no youth dominated event represents as many countries. As a One Young World volunteer, you will be required to be flexible in your willingness to take on your assigned role, and you may be assigned to multiple roles throughout your placement. Your role will be allocated based on your availability and skill set given.

150 bénévoles recherchés | Début 16 septembre 2024 | Durée de l’implication one week (or less)


In terms of tasks, it’s mainly reception/education/logistical support at the airport, hotels, event site (Palais des Congrès), opening ceremony (Bell Centre), assisting/supporting VIPs or conference delegates.
Here’s a more detailed description of the opportunity: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ji6TIN1vWmV14MiWO8_-Spn4dIYkMHZQ/view

Compétences recherchées

Days can be long and tiring so you will need to be dedicated and committed. Applicants will need to meet the following requirements:
• Over 18
• Fluent in English (written and spoken)
• Fluent in French (written and spoken) preferable
• Flexible, reliable, friendly and polite
• Able to support own travel and accommodation if required

Avantage/ce que l’on offre :

This will be a truly unique experience where you will contribute to the Summit’s success and benefit from a certificate of participation to celebrate the huge role you will play in it.
On top of this volunteers will be provided with pre-Summit training and briefing sessions, food where applicable and branded clothing to be worn throughout the Summit duration.

Horaire du poste bénévole :

According to your availability (partial or full-time during a week)
Positions will be available from Monday 16 September until Sunday 22 September; however you may be required to work past these dates. Further information on roles and hours can be found in the registration
form. https://app.initlive.com/web-admin/app/#/join-party?k=29kb7u2jbzyo9y

Langue d’usage pour ce poste bénévole :

English (French is an asset but not compulsory)

One Young World

One Young World is a charity registered in England, empowering and developing young leaders to build a fair, sustainable future for all. Our global Community is a community like no other. When we say global, that’s exactly what we mean. Our Community comprises young leaders, corporate partners and supporters from every single country, spanning every industry. We are activists, humanitarians, world-leaders, business-leaders, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians and innovators. It all begins with the annual One Young World Summit - the beating heart of what we are about. For young leaders, the Summit is the landmark event of the year. It is a chance for the individuals responsible for shaping the future of our world, to come together to confront the biggest challenges facing humanity. The Summit is the ultimate place to be inspired, share learnings, and connect. Together we raise the bar for what it is possible to achieve as leaders, individually and collectively. The One Young World Summit 2024 will take place in Montréal, Canada from 18 - 21 September 2024.

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