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Accompagnement-transport bénévole

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The volunteer accompaniment/transport service is a transport provided by a volunteer driver as part of the activities of a recognized community and volunteer organization recognized by the CIUSSS.
The accompaniment service, as indicated by his name, consists of accompanying anyone who needs physical support, comfort or supervision and who cannot find those around them the resources necessary to render service to them. This service responds first and foremost to the person's need for support.
The definition of accompaniment : joining someone to go where they need to go at the same time as providing support to the person in their physical or moral limitations.


The volunteer must pick up the person and accompany him or her throughout the outing.

Use your automobile to accompany the people who need help.

Monetary compensation is granted depending on the transport made.

Centre d'action bénévole St-Siméon/Port-Daniel

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