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Want to get more involved in your community? Would you like to meet people? Become a volunteer at Santropol Roulant and join our vibrant intergenerational community brought together by food and community engagement!

Volunteering to deliver meals :

Meal-on-wheels deliveries are not only an essential service, but are also an opportunity tobreak social isolation among our client-members. Whether chatting at the door for 5 minutes or taking half an hour for a visit, meal deliveries are one way we try to create connections between generations.

Meal deliveries start at 2:45pm from our office located in the borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal, where volunteers come in to pick up the meals and delivery bags. The delivery routes are in different boroughs of Montreal and are done either by car, bike, public transit or by foot. It is possible to do the deliveries alone or in pairs and the delivery routes last about 2-3 hours from start to finish. Staff members remain available by phone during delivery routes if there are any problems. Once all meals have been delivered, volunteers return to the Roulant to check-in with staff.

We also have volunteering opportunities available to help in our urban agriculture and farm programs as well with special projects such as data entry, administrative tasks, events and much more.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Delivering warm meals to Meals-on-Wheels clients

Santropol Roulant


Santropol Roulant utilise la nourriture comme véhicule pour renforcer l'inclusion sociale entre les générations. De manière créative et collaborative, nous nourrissons notre communauté locale par des approches novatrices sur les thèmes de l'engagement communautaire, des systèmes alimentaires urbains et périurbains, de la sécurité alimentaire et du maintien dans la communauté.

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