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The respite-care service consists of pairing the volunteer with a family to offer a break to the parents by taking care of the child, (generally between 0 and 2 years old).

Respite is offered at a frequency of 3 hours per week at the family's home, or during social activities, for 10 to 12 weeks.

The volunteer must know how to set up a safe, warm and stimulating environment for the child, be empathetic to parenting situations, respectful, have good listening skills, be in good health/physical capacity, be responsible, reliable and discreet.


Ensure the safety of the child while meeting his basic needs as well as being able to listen to parenting situations.

For example :
-Change diapers or feed the baby
- rock or play with him/her
- Refer to the P'tit Bonheur worker if the volunteer notices a particular situation.

Centre d’action bénévole St-Siméon/Port-Daniel

Depuis le 30 août 1985, la mission de votre Centre d’action bénévole est de promouvoir l’action bénévole dans les différents secteurs de l’activité humaine et de susciter une réponse à des besoins du milieu.

Nos champs d’action :
? Développement de l’action bénévole et communautaire
? Soutien à la communauté
? Gouvernance et vie associative

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